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What We Need

We are a nonprofit organization that relies on community support to make upgrades to our facility and equipment.  If you would like to donate money to help purchase any of these items, or donate the items themselves, please contact us to find out how! Here are a few things on our wish list to make the facility better for our players and parents:

Bleachers - We need 4-5 sets of indoor rollaway bleachers for our spectators to use for practices and tournaments.  

Wall Padding - The I-Beams in our facility need padding on them for player safety.  

Divider Netting - The beach courts in the back of the facility need a net to divide them from the indoor courts. 

Interior Insulation or wall wrap - The walls inside of the facility can use an insulation upgrade.  This will help with the appearance and with keeping the facility warm in the winter months.  

Court Edges - An edge that connects to the surronding pieces of the sport courts.  This gives a tappered edge and allows us to put stoppers in the ground to keep the courts from shifting over time.  

Switch and Sign Covers - We need covers for our light switches, heating controls, exit signs, and other control switches around the facility. 

Beach Court Sponsor - We are looking for a major donor to put their family or business name on the beach courts inside of our facility.  Example "Anderson Beach"

Thank you for taking the time to read our needs and considering helping.  Youth organizations can not exist without community support like yours!!

Contact Info

Larry Salefsky

Email: Larry@EastCoastVBA.com


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