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East Coast Volleyball Academy offers a variety of programs with a range of costs, travel, practices, and expectations.  There are 4 Travel Team options this season for Girls ages 10 - 18: Regional, Regional Plus, National, and National Plus.  Club Season runs October through April or June(National Plus).  Prices vary with the program and what each offers.  Prices can be found on the payment plan link under club season. 

Regional and Regional Plus Teams include players of all levels. National and National Plus Team's players must be committed to travel and practice at the highest level. National teams are for the elite player and are encouraged for any player seeking collegiate play and scholarship.  Please read through the list below and find the program that fits your needs.

All Players wishing to play on a Travel Team must Tryout for assessment and placement on a team.  Please follow the  REGISTRATION link under the TRYOUT drop down to register for Tryouts and review the dates and times for your USAV Age divisions.  

Please contact Club Director Colby Rosser with any questions.  We look forward to seeing you at East Coast Volleyball this season!

Girls Travel Programs

Regional Travel Team Program:

  • Grades 5th - 10th  – 11U - 16U Teams
  • 2 practice per week.
  • 4  in-region one-day tournaments, and 1 multi-day festival event. 
  • Play October - March/ April, depending upon age. 

Regional Plus Travel Team Program:
  • Grades 5th - 12th  – Teams 11U through 18U.
  • 2 practices per week.
  • 4 one-day, in-region tournaments, 2 festival multi-day in region tournaments.
  • Play October - March/April, depending upon age.

National Travel Team Program:
  • Grades 8th - 12th  – Teams 14U through 18U.
  • 2 practices per week. 
  • 4 one-day, in-region tournaments, 3 festival multi-day tournaments.
  • Play October - March/April, depending upon age.

National Plus Travel Team Program: 
  • Grades 8th - 12th  – Teams 14U through 18U
  • Most advanced, experienced players, seeking college play.
  • 3 practices per week until tournaments start.  2 practices per week during tournament season. 
  • 2 one-day, in-region tournaments, 6 festival multi-day tournaments.
  • Play October - June.

Feel free to contact Club Director Colby Rosser with any questions. We look forward to a great season at East Coast Volleyball Academy.

Club Contact

Any questions regarding tryouts or club season details please send an email to ECVAinfo@gmail.com. 


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