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2022-2023 Club Season Tournament Information

Carolina Region Events

All teams play Carolina Region Tournaments.  In-region tournament dates are posted to Carolina Region Page (CR) per the attached schedule. Locations are posted about 10 days before the tournament date on the CR Points Page.  Locations are mostly scheduled in Eastern North Carolina, Greensboro and East.  All are one day tournaments, scheduled for mostly Saturdays but with some additional Sunday tournaments due to the growth of this fun sport and limited gym space.

Carolina Region POINTS Pag

This is the primary site you will use to find out where and when your team plays. It will have all locations for tournaments, and who is in the tournament. This is "living dynamic page" in that it will change and update nearly every day. Tournament locations are based on the previous tournament results, so the site is updated after each tournament, usually on Monday or Tuesday. This means YOU WILL NOT KNOW THE LOCATION of Regional tournaments until roughly 10 days before the event.


The Carolina Region (CR) Junior Volleyball site includes only Dates and Age Divisions. LOCATIONS are posted 1-2 weeks prior to a tournament date on the CR Points System page.

Festival Events

These are multi-day events that can be held all over the country.  The dates and locations for these are all provided before tryouts.  The goal for these events is to play a higher level competition, get our athletes in front of college recruiters, and to put our athletes in a situation to improve as players and as a team.  

What do I need to know about festival events?

Are these the best way to get seen by a recruiter? 
Yes, all colleges have a recruiting schedule that includes anywhere from 3-10 festival events to find players.  

How do we get there?
All players and families are responsible for their own travel to and from tournaments.  We encourage you to carpool with another player or family if the event is in driving distance.  This is a great way to cut down on costs.  

What hotels do we stay in?
Some of the events we play are "Stay to Play" events.  This means that we have to stay in the hotels provided by the tournament host.  They assign the hotels and we have to book in those rooms.  If a team does not have enough rooms booked, then they are not able to play that event.  We will send players the hotel links as soon as we get them from the tournament hosts.  

If it is not a "Stay to Play", then families are free to book anywhere they would like.  We will let you know which events are and which which events are not. 

What time should I book my flight?
When booking the arrival flight, make sure to arrive the day before play starts, even if you are in the afternoon wave.  If you book to get there the day of play, then any delay in the flight and you are missing matches.  When booking your departure flight, make sure to book the latest flight of the day.  It is a shame when a player's team makes it to a final on the last day and they are not there with their team because they had to leave for a flight that was booked to early.  

Is there time for family time or downtime while we are there?
Yes, all of the teams will play in the morning for a 6 hour block or start in the afternoon for a 6 hour block.  Usually it is 9:00am and 3:00pm, but that can vary.  


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