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2023-2024 Club Season Tournament Information

Carolina Region Events

The majority of our teams will participate in 1-day Carolina Region events, but we do have some teams who participate in the region using local festival or multi-day events. Single day Carolina Region tournament dates are posted to Carolina Region Page and are available now and listed by age groupings. Locations for single-day events are posted (typically) 10-14 days before the tournament date. As we participate in the EAST division of the CR, our teams will travel predominantly within a 3 hour radius, traveling as far west as Greensboro. To alleviate overcrowding at sites, the Carolina Region has added Sunday dates for all age groups. Most age groups will typically only participate in (1) Sunday event during the court of their season with the rest taking place on Saturdays. There may be exceptions to this dependent upon age bracket size and available gym space. To view the listed dates for the 2023-2024 season, use the link below;

East Coast Volleyball Administrators will send each team participating in Carolina Region single day events an email when the location of their first tournament is released. After the first tournament, coaches will communicate with the team and parents directly regarding travel, report times, jersey requirements and other pertinent information. Families are always welcome to check the CR site to see if information regarding their upcoming tournaments has been released. Tournament sites can be found on the Carolina Region Tournament System page and will be linked below when the upcoming season's schedule has been loaded into the Tournament System. 

For additional questions, an administrator can be contacted at ECVAinfo@gmail.com. 

Multi-Day/Festival Events and National Qualifiers

There are several organizations that offer multi-day events across the country including but not limited to the Carolina Region, USAVolleyball, JVA, and AAU. With the exception of USAV National qualifiers, the dates and locations for these events are provided prior to tryouts to help families with planning travel. USAV National qualifiers continue to grow and are spanning several weekends (with some exceptions) and the age groups determinations for each weekend will be released later in the fall. The goal for participating in these events is to play a higher level and wider range of competition, to get our athletes in front of college recruiters, and to put our athletes in a situation to improve both as individual players and as a team. 

WAVE TIMES (AM or PM) for multi-day events are released anywhere from 4-10 weeks out from the event and are controlled by each event individually. Full schedules of play for multi-day events can usually be expected mid-week prior to the start of the event. If an event begins on Friday, it is typical for the schedule to be released the Tuesday or Wednesday prior. When WAVE TIMES are released, club administration will send that information out to participating families. **Please be aware times are subject to change and club administration has no power to affect these changes. 

What do I need to know about Festival/Multi-Day events?

Are these the best way to get seen by colleges in the recruiting process? 
Yes! All colleges have a recruiting schedule that includes anywhere from 3-10 festival events to find players. Different collegiate levels will have specific restrictions on timelines and club administrators are aware of these timelines and work to create the schedules that most benefit our athletes.  

What does travel look like for Festival/Multi-Day events? 
All players and families are responsible for their own travel to and from tournaments. Players/families are welcome to carpool to help keep costs down. If a flight is required for the trip, players and families are welcome to fly to and from any location that best suits each families' need as long as they arrive in plenty of time for tournament participation. 

What hotels do we stay in?
Some of the events we participate in are deemed as "Stay to Play" events and each event is determined on an individual basis. For "Stay-to-Play" events, each team must meet a minimum night requirement of rooms to be eligible for participation. Failure to meet each tournament requirement will result in the team being dropped from the event. 

If the event is not "Stay-to-Play" families are welcome to stay wherever they would like! Teams will be informed in advance which events have a required hotel stay as well as which events are "Stay-to-Play" and which events are open booking. 

What time should I book my flight?
When booking the arrival flight, make sure to arrive the day before play starts, even if you are in the afternoon wave.  If you book to get there the day of play, then any delay in the flight means you could potentially be missing matches.  Additionally, when flying out of smaller airports (like ILM), be cautious of booking the final flight of the day as there often are not other options to reroute and get to your destination in a timely manner. For return flights, it is recommended to book the latest available flight within reason. Typically flights after 6pm are workable. Larger events typically post the time for the "last scheduled match" on the final day, but be aware courts can run behind. Teams who have to forfeit due to travel plans can be blacklisted from participating in future events. 

Is there time for family time or downtime while we are there?
Yes! AM Wave teams will typically begin their day at 7:00 a.m. and finish by 3:00 p.m., which afternoon wave teams will begin around 2:00 p.m. and finish by 10:00 p.m. (approximate times**). We do ask that participants not do strenous activities in their down time so they are adequately rested and prepared for play.  


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