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Join the fastest growing sport in NCAA history! Learn from the highest level coaches.

Beach Volleyball helps you learn to be a well-rounded player. You are always on the court and there are no subs. You play every point. Improves your cardio and endurance. Also improves leg strength for jumping!

Beach training takes place at Capt'n Bill's Backyard Grill at 4240 Market Street, Wilmington, NC 28403. 

We also now train at our indoor facility, East Coast Volleyball Academy.  We have 2 indoor sand courts!! 

For questions, please contact Club Director Larry Salefsky.

"Beach volleyball is such a great game, because the players get so many touches on the ball.  You are always on the court, they have to learn to self correct their mistakes, and the atmosphere that comes with the game is one that everyone loves!"

  - Club Director Larry Salefsky


What programs do we offer?

Beginner/ Intermiate Program - We offer 3 programs in the Spring and Summer for this level.  Each program lasts 1 months and includes 2 beach tournaments that are hosted right here in Wilmington.  The first program starts in April of 2019.  The second starts in May of 2019, and the last starts in June of 2019.  

Year Around Training Program - We have 3 groups put together based on skill level.  In the fall each group practices 1 time per week.  In the winter and spring each group practices 2-3 times per week.  These groups are meant for the aspiring collegiate beach athlete.  

Year Around Training plus National Qualifier Program - This program includes the year around training listed above, plus 4 national qualifier/ major events around the United States.  This is our mazimum exposure program for the aspiring collegiate beach player.  This includes a coach traveling with our teams to the selected events.  

Individual/ Group Lessons - We offer individual team (2 players) and group (4 or more) lessons all year.  We do not do any groups in odd numbers for beach volleyball.  Costs are set based on the number of players in each group.  Please contact beach director Larry Salefsky to setup a training session at Larry@EastCoastVBA.com. 

Contact Info

Larry Salefsky
President and Beach Club Director

Email: Larry@EastCoastVBA.com


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